Correct SEO strategies and keyword solutions to find businesses on a local scale in Google searches.
Nowadays, there are very few businesses that do not know about SEO. But doing the right SEO is not something everyone can achieve.

I take care to provide an accurate and honest service that will meet my customers' requests in the projects I do with an advance.

So How?
First of all, I do not have the skill to do an in-depth SEO study covering the whole country.
Instead, I can work on a city-based word and move it up to the first page. For those who are curious about this process, my way of working is as follows;
- Review the brand's competitors
- I find domains that contain keywords to make them easy to find
- With the WordPress infrastructure, I make intermediate sites with SEO-compatible content articles
- I prepare campaigns that will attract the attention of customers on social media
- I prepare the main websites to get a high google search score

These solutions are the methods I use in my projects.
Please contact your website for my references.