Logo design

Would you like your logo, the face of your brand, to have an original and unique design?
The logo is the most important part of your brand identity. A brand cannot exist without its logo. It provides a creative effect to give your brand awareness and message right.
There are always agencies or people who think that designing a logo around you or on the internet is just a few ways together. But contrary to what has been said, you need more to design a logo.
I think what a logo design should be. - The logo should reflect the identity of the institution it will represent accurately and clearly. Unless he does this, the logo design is still considered unsuccessful, no matter how aesthetic it looks.
-Logo is the signature of your company and should therefore be unique. It should not resemble other brands.
-It should have a plain, understandable, catchy, and memorable form. The logo design, which consists of complex symbols and letters, makes perception difficult, so it is less memorable.
-When designing a logo, colors suitable for the sector should be chosen. Color should be used as little as possible, and the confusion caused by the use of multiple colors should be avoided.
-It is very important to be recognized at first sight and to be distinguished from competitors even on different surfaces.
-Logo should make a positive impact. Positive emotions positively affect the choice of the company represented by the logo.
The logo should have a design that will not lose its meaning and effect over time.
The logo is the signature of a company. The most important thing for me is to be able to design this signature for you, the most successful.