ATT UI/UX Design
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ATT Tunnel is a leading provider specializing in the production and installation of electromechanical systems for tunnels. The company delivers innovative solutions tailored to enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of tunnel infrastructures. With a strong focus on advanced technology and quality, ATT Tunnel supports critical projects worldwide, ensuring that tunnel systems are equipped with the latest in electromechanical engineering.


For the ATT Tunnel project, I crafted a UI design inspired by the structural complexities of tunnels and their critical warning systems. Choosing a color palette of black and red, I aimed to strike a balance between professionalism and alertness, essential for the corporate identity of ATT Tunnel. The main challenge was creating an intuitive interface that could handle complex information about electromechanical systems while ensuring easy navigation for all users.

UI/UX Design
ATT UI/UX Design
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