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SCS Brace is a leading expert in the manufacturing of various prosthetics and orthotics, with a particular specialization in scoliosis braces. The technology they employ and the results they achieve meet global standards. Adept at quickly responding to customer needs, SCS Brace aims to amplify its brand recognition and elevate its market position on an international scale.


I was tasked by SCS Brace to design their logo in a manner that's simple, clear, and memorable while also distinguishing it from competitors. This was a challenging endeavor, especially as many brands in the sector leaned towards more flamboyant and intricate designs.

Logo Design
SCS Brace Logo Design
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Sonuç OSGB Branding

Founded in 2013, the Sonuc Occupational Health and Safety Unit (OSGB) has steadfastly put the health and safety of employees at the forefront of all its activities. Boasting an elite cadre of experts and physicians, they have been on a trajectory of continuous growth and innovation, emerging as a pivotal voice in their region for occupational health and safety. Keeping pace with technological advancements, they have minimized human errors and prioritized hands-on fieldwork. Their distinct web-based software, developed internally, further sets them apart, offering both innovation and reliability in their operations.