Kayamer Logo Design
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Kayamer is a prestigious company that has been providing solutions in the fields of import, export, and marketing on the international stage for two generations.


Kayamer was in search of a striking logo that would not only represent their services but also emphasize their active and leading position in the international arena. In this context, I prepared a logo design that aligns with their global vision and industrial heritage.

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Kayamer Logo Design
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Asya Natural Spring Water Website

Asya Water is a brand renowned for its quality, making its presence felt increasingly from Turkey to countries like Germany, the UK, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Palestine, Chile, Panama, Curacao, Oman, Kuwait, Libya, Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Malta through its exports. Currently, the company boasts a capacity of 74,000 bottles per hour. Sourced from the untouched peak of Kaplandede Mountain, standing at an altitude of 1,160m and surrounded by pristine nature and vegetation, Asya Water offers an incomparable taste experience.