Asya Natural Spring Water Branding
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Asya Water is a brand renowned for its quality, making its presence felt increasingly from Turkey to countries like Germany, the UK, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Palestine, Chile, Panama, Curacao, Oman, Kuwait, Libya, Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Malta through its exports. Currently, the company boasts a capacity of 74,000 bottles per hour. Sourced from the untouched peak of Kaplandede Mountain, standing at an altitude of 1,160m and surrounded by pristine nature and vegetation, Asya Water offers an incomparable taste experience.


While Asya Water operates on a large corporate scale, it faced challenges in maintaining standardization for OOH and Digital campaigns across its extensive dealership network. They approached me to establish a consistent brand standard between Asya Water and its dealers.

Asya Natural Spring Water Branding
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