Pantone the Color of the Year 2020

As every year, when the end of the year comes, many brands explain the trend of the next year from their perspective as expected.

Pantone Color Institute made a statement about the “COLOR OF THE YEAR”, which has become a tradition every year.

The color of the year 2020 is Classic Blue. Leatrice Eiseman, Managing Director of Pantone Color Institute, made the following statement on this matter;

“When we look at the world around us, we know that we live with so much restlessness, that we don't feel safe on some days. Blue always represents calmness and reliability. A color you can trust. "

In the meantime, the color of the year determined by the Pantone Color Institute is used effectively in many sectors (fashion, technology, jewelry, home decoration, architecture, etc.) that year. For me, blue is the color of my life. Really, this color is the only color I cannot give up.

That's why I was one of those who enjoyed this news the most.